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New issue of Knowledgelink

Solving B2B Research Challenges. B2B research poses different challenges to that of consumer. With SSI B2B inSSItes™, SSI delivers solutions. Spotlight on Southeast Asia: Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. When conducting research in Southeast Asia, it’s important to understand the geography and culture first. Conducting research in Brazil. An important […]

Tailored advertisements or intrusive annoyance?


written by Daniel Somerset Tesco, Britain’s largest retailer is slated to install screens at their fuel pump kiosks that are able to scan a customer’s face, determine their gender and approximate age bracket, and tailor individual marketing message for them. The Tesco representative contends that the new screen will “enhance […]

New Issue of SSI KNOWLEDGElink

The impact of frequent survey-takers. Are they different than “normal” respondents?  Will they skew your data? The digital divide in market research. How do people who have the technology but won’t participate affect the data? The practicality of online business to business surveys – challenges and solutions Don’t miss out on the latest […]

The Mobile Miscommunication


written by Daniel Somerset In a recent blog, I highlighted the speed at which respondents are moving to mobile. It seems that all we hear about today in market research is mobile. Mobile is going to be the next big thing. Mobile will drastically change the landscape…and mobile is just […]

Mobile demand is growing…are you keeping up?

written by Daniel Somerset,  Market research began with face-to-face interviewing, then to reach people faster, (and as telephone use gained popularity) they began to do phone surveys. Naturally, with the invention of the Internet, researchers shifted away from telephone interviews and today, many – if not most – surveys are […]

Reaching Expats in Singapore


written by Thu Anh Flynn Recently I went to Singapore on a business trip and when I was walking around Raffles Place (central business district) and meeting with many of my business partners it got me thinking of how diverse the city is. It’s easy to spot so many different […]


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