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When You Say Quick Mean It!

written by Caithlin Skultety

Does anyone ever get the feeling that organizing your email inbox is like cleaning out your closet ?  You’re initially overwhelmed over what’s been accumulating and then the fear sets in that it will take days to sort through.

Well I experienced both this past weekend. I was in the Spring-cleaning mood and wanted to clean up my Yahoo account. I deleted the obvious spam files and the 25 “deal of the day” emails that now just cloud my inbox on a daily basis. I made some folders and sorted the emails I needed. I even saved some emails I will probably never need again but like your favorite pair of jeans you’re not ready to throw away!

It was then that I came across an email from the car dealership where I had gotten my car serviced 3 months ago.  The email had thanked me for coming in for my service and asked me to take a “quick” survey about my experience.  I remember starting the “quick” survey then dropping out after 8 minutes with no end in sight. It was false advertising!  I guess I would have been more inclined to finish the survey if it was presented differently. As a respondent I want to know what I’m getting into before I’m 8 minutes in.

I did end up deleting the email but next time around I would take the survey knowing I need a few more minutes to complete it. It might be partly because I work within the market research industry, but mostly because I think the dealership did a great job and I was looking forward to giving my feedback. It’s also important for me to give my opinion on something that could ultimately affect me.

But the company missed out on my opinion this time around, just because they didn’t take the time to let me know what to expect.

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