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4 Keys to Successful Phone-to-Web-Recruits

written by Aren Sorensen 

Innovations in online methods (Adaptive Choice Based Conjoint, Audio/Visual Concept Tests, Virtual Stores, etc…) have enabled market researchers to utilize these web-based techniques to better understand their consumers. In conjunction, online panels and other sources have been able to provide market researchers with access to niche populations through deep profiling not available in a traditional phone sample. There are, however limits to the reach of online sample.  Certain populations, both consumer and business, remain under-represented in online samples. Thus, in order to reach the population under study, researchers occasionally must recruit respondents via telephone interviewer to complete the online survey instrument. This hybrid ‘phone-recruit-to-web’ approach allows researchers to bring web-based research methods to highly targeted populations which could be under-represented in traditional online sample.

Phone-To-Web Recruiting poses several data collection challenges for market researchers including higher costs vis-à-vis traditional phone collection, low follow through rates and longer than usual fielding lengths. But, done correctly phone recruits can bring the advantages of web research to hard-to-reach populations. Experience and expertise in telephone data collection has taught us several valuable lessons.

Check back tomorrow for the first lesson in successful Phone-to-Web recruitment

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