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4 Keys to Successful Phone-to-Web-Recruits: Lesson 1

written by Aren Sorensen 

In yesterday’s blog I wrote about the benefits of Phone-To-Web recruiting in finding hard-to-reach populations. This methodology poses several data collection challenges for market researchers including higher costs vis-à-vis traditional phone collection, low follow through rates and longer than usual fielding lengths. But, done correctly phone recruits can bring the advantages of web research to hard-to-reach populations. Experience and expertise in telephone data collection has taught us several valuable lessons.

Lesson Number 1: Know Your Audience

Just as a comedian tailors her material to her audience, market researchers should understand how their target audience will respond to a Phone-To-Web recruit effort. Not all populations are ideally suited to participate. Some populations have unusually low co-operation rates and others have limited access to computing technology or internet access. Low incidence segments can prove significantly more resource intensive to find the population, screen for willing respondents and over-recruit to account for drop-off.

Check back tomorrow for the second lesson in successful Phone-to-Web Recruitment

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