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4 Keys to Successful Phone-to-Web-Recruits: Lesson 3

written by Aren Sorenson

In yesterday’s post I shared the second lesson in Successful Phone-to-Web recruitment: Measure What Your Treasure. Today’s lesson focuses on a critical point in the project: the Hand-Off

Lesson Number 3: Perfect the Hand-Off

The most important moment in a Phone-To-Web Recruit is the hand-off. Unlike a traditional telephone study, recruiting to the web means that there will be a moment of disconnect between when the respondent agrees to participate and when the survey is actually completed.  It is crucial to minimize this gap, because the greater the amount of time that elapses between the recruit and completion, the greater the likelihood the respondent will not complete the web survey.  We rely on three proven techniques to reduce the disconnect:

  • Instant Email Delivery

An email containing instructions to completing the survey (including the survey link) should be delivered while the respondent is on the phone with the interviewer. The smaller the delay from commitment to participation, the more likely the respondent is to follow-through. The respondent’s email address should be recorded and confirmed letter by letter.

  • Live Agent Support

Agents should encourage the respondent to open their email, confirm receipt of the instructions and open the survey link. This can significantly reduce issues in the instruction delivery process. Having the live agent on the line can help the respondent check spam filters, typos in the email address and facilitates a re-send if any issues do exist. Making sure the respondent has the materials necessary to complete the survey when you end the recruit call significantly improves the Conversion Rate.

  • Reminders Calls

You are competing for the attention of the respondent in a world of distractions. The respondent will often forget about their decision to participate or misplace the instructions. A gentle reminder call should be made for those who have not completed within 24 hours, followed by a second call at 48 hours. During this call the agent can re-send the survey instructions and re-confirm the respondent’s willingness to participate. After 48 hours, the likelihood of completion drops sharply.

Check back tomorrow for the fourth and final lesson in successful Phone-to-Web Recruitment

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