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4 Keys to Successful Phone-to-Web-Recruits: Lesson Number 4

written by Aren Sorenson

In yesterday’s post I shared the third lesson in successful Phone-to-Web recruitment, Perfecting the Hand-Off. Today’s lesson focuses on the importance of the right reward.

Lesson Number 4: Design the Right Reward

Unlike traditional consumer studies, Phone-To-Web Recruiting generally involves the promise of an incentive since respondents are required to self-motivate and engage in additional activity after the recruitment call to complete the research effort. It’s important to provide a reward commensurate with task. Incentives, provided upon completion, provide the necessary nudge to ensure participation in the online portion of the study and recognize the time-value of getting online and participating in your research.

Phone to web recruiting can be a valuable addition to any researcher’s toolbox. Although phone recruits can be daunting, done correctly phone recruits can bring the advantages of web research to hard to reach populations.   By knowing your audience, measuring what you treasure, perfecting the hand-off and incentivizing appropriately you will ensure the success of your project.

Luckily, SSI has developed technology and project management solutions to make it easy for you.   By following a few basic principles, a well-executed phone recruit can turn an impossible research problem into a triumphant success.


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