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How Will You Reconnect?

written by Caithlin Skultety

I recently read an article about the Reconnect Project, which challenges you to turn off any internet-connected devices and participate in the real world. The intent of the Reconnect Project is to inspire original creativity by disconnecting from the web.

Our world revolves around staying connected, posting pictures and statuses, scanning QR codes, and even paying for dinner with your smartphone. I myself turn to Google when I have a question. As a designer, if I’m beginning a new project and need inspiration I tend to look no further than my 17” Mac screen. So, I will be participating this Sunday, September 2nd in the Reconnect Project because I want to see if being disconnected will impact my creativity. Will you take the challenge? If so, what do you think you’ll get from taking part? I’ll be posting my thoughts on the experience next week.

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