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There’s an App for That…

written by Trish Daly

I recently had to buy a new cell phone, and believe it or not, I’d rank buying a new cell phone down there with car and mattress shopping.  After much deliberation, I finally decided to buy a smartphone.  After narrowing it down to a smartphone, I then had to decide – iPhone or Droid?  Decisions, decisions.  Well, after even more “research” (polling friends, Facebook inquires, etc.), I bought a Razr.  Well, now what?  What do I do with this so called smartphone – download some apps?  Everyone talks about all their favorite apps – it seems there is an app for everything, from couponing to games to education to weight loss.  But where does one start?  After reading a recent article about “Today’s Best Apps,” ( the world of apps is still a black hole to me.   So, what are some of your favorite apps that you can’t live without?

And some big news, the official YouTube app for iPhone was introduced:

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