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Look Out!

written by Nurati “Ati” Sinaga

My taxi driver looked agitated when a lady crossed a street with her eyes staring into her mobile phone.  “Is she out her mind? Crossing the street without watching out for cars coming!” he roared.

We are so attached to our mobile phones – can’t live without them. And we perhaps treat them as part of our bodies and can’t resist multi-tasking when holding this exquisite device.  A multi country study related to smartphone usage found 8 out of 10 smartphone users do other activities while using the internet on their phones.  In fact, ‘on-the-go’ (i.e., commuting or walking) is the second popular activity when browsing on their smartphones. Not a surprising finding we all know as most of us are doing it.

But, how far can we go?  A study on multitasking found that 98% of people can’t multitask. Unless we are in the 2% segment, we actually don’t multi task but ask our brain to switch frantically between tasks.  This habit reduces our productivity and often makes us less efficient.

Well, texting or browsing the internet is hardly a task… we may think this way.  Now ask yourself, is your life worth the full 100% attention of your brain? Or do we need some sort of authority intervention to impose a policy of ‘no phone activities while crossing the street’- a parallel policy to ‘no phone calls while driving’?

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