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Put Yourselves in the Respondents’ Shoes

written by Trish Daly

Have you ever watched TV while surfing the web?  Or played a game on your smartphone while checking your Facebook account on your tablet?  If the answer is “yes,” you’re not alone.

In today’s day and age with increased media and technological advances, there are even more distractions that could take a respondent’s focus away from completing an online survey.   That’s why we recommend designing online surveys that are 20 minutes or less.  Keeping the online surveys short, clear, and concise will help minimize “straight-lining” and respondent fatigue. The age-old saying applies to market research:  we need to treat respondents like we would want to be treated!

Engaging respondents throughout their survey experience is an integral part of online research.   Watch our Podcast:  SSI Research Settles the Debate on Online Survey Length – Once and for All.  You can also read an article about the Rules of Engagement by clicking here.

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