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The World is Mobile…Is Your Survey Ready

Partner with SSI to get your next project mobile ready. We can help you reach respondents quickly, accurately and through the medium of their choice. Plus, check out the 10 tips for creating a mobile-friendly survey. Subscribe to SSI KnowledgeWatch for more thought-provoking views, time-proven tips and innovative research insights […]

New Issue of KNOWLEDGElink

Market research is affected by technology advances and societal influences. KnowledgeLink answers how to: Decide which quality-control questions are best for your next study, Quota and screen on income & Design surveys for a mobile audience. READ NOW!

Difficult questions

written by Jackie Lorch  In another example of the power of word selection in survey questions, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh examined how physician communication affects end-of-life decisions. The study, published in the journal Critical Care Medicine, and reported in the New York Times, tested whether patients’ relatives would […]

Top 10 Things About Questionnaire Design

written by Pete Cape,  About the people: These are ordinary people; ask simple straightforward questions written in plain language. Avoid jargon and complexity. The respondent knows they are in an experiment and wants to look good to you the experimenter; everything you write and show is thought to have meaning. […]

Thumb Blog

written by Keith Phillips Recently an argument formed between me and a co-worker on whether or not a man’s dress shirt (mine in fact) should be tucked in or un-tucked at work?  In order to settle the debate, we took to social media and employed the help of the Thumb […]

2012: A Year in Review

Now that 2012 has come to a close, let’s take a look back and reflect on our top 5 blog posts, as measured by most views. Mixed mode, global, respondent satisfaction – all of which we’ll hear more about in 2013 and beyond… 1) Mixed Mode: Plans for 2020 Census […]


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