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Top 10 Things About Questionnaire Design

written by Pete Cape,  About the people: These are ordinary people; ask simple straightforward questions written in plain language. Avoid jargon and complexity. The respondent knows they are in an experiment and wants to look good to you the experimenter; everything you write and show is thought to have meaning. […]

When You Say Quick Mean It!

written by Caithlin Skultety Does anyone ever get the feeling that organizing your email inbox is like cleaning out your closet ?  You’re initially overwhelmed over what’s been accumulating and then the fear sets in that it will take days to sort through. Well I experienced both this past weekend. […]

Difficult Measurements

written by Jackie Lorch As researchers, we often seek quite complex information from people and some of the most challenging questions we ask involve describing things by numbers. I remember seeing a survey once which asked: What is the capacity of your refrigerator in cubic feet?  I challenge anyone to […]


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