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Mobile demand is growing…are you keeping up?

written by Daniel Somerset,  Market research began with face-to-face interviewing, then to reach people faster, (and as telephone use gained popularity) they began to do phone surveys. Naturally, with the invention of the Internet, researchers shifted away from telephone interviews and today, many – if not most – surveys are […]

Top 10 Things About Questionnaire Design

written by Pete Cape, About the questions: 5.  Ask individual questions: trying to get more than one piece of data at time is a recipe for disaster 6.  Avoid the statements in a grid style question, it is tedious, mentally exhausting, and leads to over-fast processing. 7.  Be careful with […]

Top 10 Things About Questionnaire Design

written by Pete Cape,  About the people: These are ordinary people; ask simple straightforward questions written in plain language. Avoid jargon and complexity. The respondent knows they are in an experiment and wants to look good to you the experimenter; everything you write and show is thought to have meaning. […]

What will they think of next?!

written by Kristin Cavallaro Just when we think we figured out the world of smartphones, Google throws a curveball.  Like something you would normally see in a sci-fi movie, Google has released their prototype of their new Google Glass.  It is essentially like wearing your smartphone as a pair of […]

When You Say Quick Mean It!

written by Caithlin Skultety Does anyone ever get the feeling that organizing your email inbox is like cleaning out your closet ?  You’re initially overwhelmed over what’s been accumulating and then the fear sets in that it will take days to sort through. Well I experienced both this past weekend. […]

Respondents are people too.

written by Rosie Greening  Oh dear. A few too many times recently, I have seen surveys which are just not fair. You know the ones I mean. You’ve taken surveys like this before and commented how badly written the question was. You have struggled to answer the same barrage of […]

Difficult Measurements

written by Jackie Lorch As researchers, we often seek quite complex information from people and some of the most challenging questions we ask involve describing things by numbers. I remember seeing a survey once which asked: What is the capacity of your refrigerator in cubic feet?  I challenge anyone to […]


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