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New issue of Knowledgelink

Solving B2B Research Challenges. B2B research poses different challenges to that of consumer. With SSI B2B inSSItes™, SSI delivers solutions. Spotlight on Southeast Asia: Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. When conducting research in Southeast Asia, it’s important to understand the geography and culture first. Conducting research in Brazil. An important […]

Visual learners make up 65% of the world’s population. Does our new infograph help you picture our massive reach? Click to get a full size  PDF

Christmas and Surveys

written by Rosie Greening Yes, it is November; I am now allowed to mention Christmas and the holiday season. So, it is getting to that time of year where studies are starting to look like they might run precariously close to Christmas and clients are starting to ask about the […]

Non-Traditional Panel Sourcing

written by Ed Carroll Over the past few years, sample companies have been slowly calibrating their non-traditional panel sourcing strategies… The big questions I have been receiving on this topic revolve around a very simple question: Why? Do people not want to join traditional panels anymore? Are traditional panels more […]


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